About Us

A Smiling Pet sells accessories for dogs, cats and horses, jewelry and products for unicorns lovers.

How is this shop different from others? It's very simple ! All the benefits do not end in my pocket. Let's be honest, this shop allows me to make a living. But not only. I am very sensitive to the animal cause and decided to donate part of the profits to animal welfare associations.


What if I told you a little bit more about me?


I have always been surrounded by pets and more specifically I am passionate about horses. So much so that I made it my job. Do you know ethology? This is the study of animal behavior. Well, I've spent years ridding horses, dealing with their behavioral problems, and, even more difficult, making horse owners learn how to understand and educate them.

Awesome ! But those who ride on horseback will not contradict me, it is dangerous. Result a broken femur and not very well recovered. I can still ride but I have to settle for calmer horses. I then made the choice to change somewhat of direction. Cats, dogs and horses are still in my life, I could not live without them. But professionally I had to question myself.

And I love them too much our little pets! More than humans, if I have to be completely honest with you. No way I would loose sight of that.

Several observations came to me:

  • I'm tired of seeing the same products everywhere in pet stores
  • I'm tired of seeing on my social networks photos or videos of animals abused or abandoned and not doing anything to change it

And that's where the idea of ​​A Smiling Pet came from.
An online store that sells quality, original and innovative animal accessories that are not available in local pet stores.
An online store that donates some of its profits to animal welfare associations.
But above all, an online store that is aimed at all lovers and animal defenders.


What are you gonna find?

You can navigate very easily in the shop in the dogscats, horses, jewelry and unicorns collections to find the products that fit you the best. Every week new products are added in the New section. Special promotions are launched for the big events of the year to make your gift's search easier for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving ...

In the Buy for a cause collection, you will find all items sold for the benefit of associations. These associations will change regularly to help as much as possible.

I pay great attention to the quality of the products and for that I work with different suppliers all over the world. This can lead to delivery times of 3 to 5 weeks but I think it's really worth it. A Smiling Pet ensures worldwide delivery for a $ 3.95 fee. Free shipping over $ 50.

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By subscribing you will receive a 20% discount code on any purchase except in the Buy for a cause collection (yes, you will understand that the idea of ​​this feature is to help associations).

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